Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ways to Compute

On Mortgage Loan
One can make use of the table given to compute the installment amount if you know the bank interest rates, term of your loan and loan amount. Just key them in to the table accordingly and determine you mortgage installment accordingly and see if the amount is within your budget allocation.

key in your monthly expected budget for housing loan installment and then determine the price of the house you can afford.

For example, we you key in 2500 in the payment box, 1000 in the down payment box, 30 in the years box, 6 in the interest box,you will get 426,979-04 as the indicated house price that you can afford to buy at that instant OR you key in the house price, interest rates, years and down payment accordingly, you will get the installment figures.

On Forex Exchange
Just make use of the currency converter table and key in your home currency accordingly and you will know how much you will have in term of foreign currency.

On Searches

Moreover, you can conduct searches using the search bar at the bottom of the page.

These tools are all very user friendly and hope you will enjoy them as we move along.

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